My first blog

OK so I’m new to this author blogging business and this is my first blog. Mrs. Google told me a blog isn’t necessarily supposed to be about the book or trying to sell your book but more about what makes the author tick. So here goes, I’m doing both – a little story about what happened to me, which also just happens to be the premise for my book – “Honeysuckle To Handcuffs” … and no it’s not that type of book.

I always wanted to write a book and while living in Boston I joined a creative writers’ workshop and took on board the experts’ advice to write about what you know, so I started a romantic comedy novel about an Irish girl living and working illegally in Boston.

It started out feverishly well but a third way through, as you do, I got stuck – where was my story going? What’s going to happen next? Writers block big time. A year later I took a trip back to Ireland for my sisters wedding and on my return to the States a disastrous twist of faith turned my life upside down – I found myself locked up in the San Diego Correctional Facility. Remember the illegally undocumented part, well…  Ironically, although my worst nightmare came to fruition I now had the new material I desperately needed (a story I couldn’t make up and frankly I didn’t have to) and Honeysuckle to Handcuffs was born.


Amazon link for Honeysuckle To Handcuffs

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